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Continental SportContact 6TM

Continental History

Also known as “Conti”, Continental AG was originally born “Continental-Caoutchouc-und Gutta-Percha Compagnie” as a rubber manufacturing Joint Stock Company on October 8th, 1871. Headquartered in Hanover, Germany, the company is the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and Goodride. Continental Tires develop, manufacture and market first-rate tires for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles as well as motorbikes and bicycles.Their clientele is an impressive lineup of global brands including Porsche, Renault, BMW, Ford, Daimler and Volkswagen that have been loyal customers and stuck with them for the last century. Top-grade performance and reliable construction also make these tires an excellent choice for off-the-road vehicles, buses and trucks, which the company produces and manufactures under the brand names of Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit and Barum.

Continental’s success story began in 1892 when Continental produced air-filled tires for bicycles, the first German concern to do so. The company then went on to innovate in technology and produce techniques enhancing the driving performance as a whole. For this very reason, they became known for their brand claim of “Tyres for every class of vehicle running on wheels” in the 1930s. After many such modernizations, Continental AG went inter­national in the 70s and 80s when it acquired the Uniroyal brand, followed by Semperit Reifen, General Tire and Matador brands of tires and companies.

Company Products

About Tires

The Continental Extreme is an all-season radial tire developed mainly for sport vehicles such as trucks, cars, coupes and sedans. A distinctive lopsided grip design with crisscross grooves and biting edges, twin steel-belts and strong ribs make this tire extremely nifty to be driven in any season under any road conditions. The DWS isn’t merely a name; it’s an indication of the brand and its promise to deliver.

Bike racing enthusiasts around the world swear by Continental’s Grand Prix series, and this tire is the newest in a long legacy of bicycle tires which not only looks good, but feels good and does well too. A clear winner in the German Magazine TOUR’s comprehensive road tire test, the specially engineered black chili compound in the tire lessens rolling resistance.

The Continental Race King, especially handmade in the region of Korbach in Germany, is famously known for being low profile but aggressive in terms of tread design and performance. The tire has well-placed grips which make for speedy rolling on dry and rigid surfaces. This construction puts these tires on a par with bike racing tires.

Innovative in technology, high-end in look and complete on delivering, the Continental Premium Contact 2 employs state-of-the-art tire technology using a new form of 3-D groove that enhances braking process on all sorts of surfaces. Efficient water dispersal, protection against hydroplaning, superb stability, and a heightened maneuverability make this the perfect choice for medium-sized and luxury cars.

About Dealers

Continental tires are a choice of drivers around the world. To make outstanding quality of Continetal tires available for even more customers, we've created a constantly growing dealer network which involves online and local retailers, such as Mizutanibike in Japan, CARiD in the USA, Reifendirekt in Germany.
Speed, smoothness and service — Conti indeed offers it all!

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